About us


Casa Betania is a foster home that has been working for over 27 years in favour of mothers and children who are experiencing social or family problems, and therefore need special assistance.

Casa Betania wishes to share with its guests/lodgers a piece of their long path towards serenity and autonomy. In a familiar context, we offer food and lodging, help with to finding work and a house, and provide psychological, social and spiritual support until our guests/lodgers are more independent.

The House also hosts children, from birth to 14 years old, under suggestions of social services or the Minor Court. The House has hosted during the years several children with disabilities (both physical and mental, including sieropositivity): in every case they were all situations that could not have been managed by a single family.

Our general aims are:

  •  to help lonely women to face their maternity and to build their own autonomy;
  • to help children coming from situations of abandon or ill-treatment to find serenity and to face the future (by going back to their family or through entrust or adoption);
  • to guide the mothers in the process from a partial autonomy to a complete one, helping them find a house and work that can guarantee their economic stability;
  • the dissemination of the hosting culture through meetings in schools and parishes, with parents interested in adopting, through our magazine or through events organized in our local territory.



L’Accoglienza ONLUS is a non-profit social cooperative founded in 1990 to support the opening efforts of Casa Betania. The cooperative pursues its objectives of social solidarity through the management of social services oriented primarily, but not exclusively, to responding to people’s needs, especially those with shortages or family hardship.

L’Accoglienza has given life to several projects :

  • 3 foster homes for abandoned children with severe disabilities;
  • social enterprise projects for the employment of women in difficult situations (a fairtrade workshop called Laboratorio solidale Da tutti i Paesi)
  • parenting support services for women in situations of poverty and social disadvantage (including a kindergarten for children belonging to socially fragile groups called The honeycomb, hosted in a parish);
  • promotion of family custody, networking activities between reception facilities and families willing to support people in difficulty;
  • Social and cultural awareness activities in our territory (including several annual events and a magazine called Ditutticolori).


If you wish to make a bank transfer:

L’Accoglienza soc. Coop. soc. Onlus
Banca popolare Etica
IBAN: IT76 A 05018 03200 000011196904
Reference: Your name and full address for your donation receipt


We’d love to stay in touch! Here’s how…

  • Visit coopaccoglienza.it for the cooperative website and www.datuttiipaesi.it for our fairtrade shop website
  • Like us on Facebook : “Cooperativa sociale L’Accoglienza Onlus” and “Laboratorio solidale Da tutti i Paesi
  • …and on Instagram : @laboratoriosolidale
  • For further information : please contact us by mail at posta@casabetania.org or by phone +39-06-6145596